tweetless in cyberspace (#4284208 Twitter Support reference number)

@lissgriffin I tweet, therefore I am (a better teacher).  That’s my twitter bio. Evil? Non.

Now I don’t tweet. I am not allowed. I am tweetless in Cyberspace as @lissgriffin.


It’s been a bit more than a year since I became a tweep, @lissgriffin was what they called me. Now I float suspended in Cyberspace wondering when I’ll be allowed back in.

Why I was suspended? I think it was about the mathematics.

A tale of sharing, perhaps too much, but spammer quantities? I think not. Was it the five shortened links in two tweets?

My friend over in the UK has a yound child, who digs maths. She refers to such joy as #alien, but wants to support his quest for more. I sent five links. Five links in two shortened tweets. I read the rules and regulations of the #twitterverse, and I just don’t see what else it could have been. My last tweet referenced #KevinSmith. Not uncommon in the #twitterverse.

Mangahigh, PBS Kids Cyberchase, BBC Bitesize and their Maths Channel and Ri (an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science) with this terrific site.

The above? I think it is what got Twitter‘s knickers in a knot and then they suspended my account.

Issues with mathematics? I’m your gal, your tweep, your pal and I’m only a couple of clicks away. Suspending me doesn’t stop the maths being everywhere. It’s a glitch, a mistake but I am getting no love, no response, not a peep, not a tweet from twitter themselves.

Online feedback, to quicken the process of appeal, have all been taken advantage of. “A few days” is now four. Numbers I am good at, it won’t be a few days tomorrow.

#freelissgriffin campaign – love my tweeps

While I may not be a #megatweep or get sponsorship for tweeting out that I like stuff, it is a large part of my professional working life and fun stuff too. It’s become a part of my day.

Start a new account? It took over a year to build my network of about 400. I don’t have my tweeps listed anywhere (as in backed up). And and and… if you follow too many people too quickly, you get suspended. And and and… if you get followed by too many people quickly, you get suspended.

My tweeps have rallied and I have my very own hashtag #freelissgriffin. Join in and tweet right at the tippy top of twitter @jack

Check him out here, Jack Dorsey. He cofounded the twitter universe, he left and is back again. Fascinating reading.

My friend and tweep Jabiz @intrepidteacher, who was one of my original tweeps, has dedicated a blogpost to #freelissgriffin to try and help me. Jabiz is known world wide, so a glimmer of hope has reignited.

If you can spare a moment and a tweet, help a tweep out #freelissgriffin @jack @twitter @support… @lissgriffin uses her tweets and not evil.