Africa in MY EYES

BIG KITTIES in AFRICA – Mating pair, Day 7

So, it’s been quite a while since my last post, but it was the festive season. It’s the annual UNIS Talent Show tonight and I’m involved up to my eyeballs, so I’m keeping myself busy (anything but marking!) until 6pm kick off.  Should be done and dusted by half seven.

My first classes were charged with my alarmed body clock and a yearning to be back in Africa.  Better to use this to my advantage than to sulk. Sulking didn’t really happen, and I am still buzzing on my Africa experience.

My grade 8s all sported happy little faces back in mathsland. No major mathematical hurdles jumped on day one, more of a scooping up and refreshing of their mathematical minds. A few quick reminders and where are you ats so that students would be ready to get down to it, in a mathematical way, the following lesson.

We enjoyed a lesson I called MATHS IN MY EYES! I asked them to take about five minutes and write down all the maths they experienced on their holidays alone. I want kids to use all of their senses to experience maths. After the five minutes I let them chat to each other, which led to more entries on their individual list. I didn’t just throw them into the activity, I shared some maths from my holiday with them. Luckily for me there was some splendid nerd/geek/quality company on this holiday, so I didn’t have to keep my maths to myself. One of the group covered her ears when we talked of things like charts, but she’ll come around.  It’s so nice not to have the normal reaction to my job “Oh, you teach maths“.  Poor maths, such a bad reputation, and it’s so cool and EVERYWHERE!

This is just a sample of things I put down. The lion stats and rates are quite staggering:

Quick Notes in Class

During our unconferences on Wednesday, run by Clint Hamada our tech facilitaTOR, someone ran a discussion board session. Perfect. Now we are adding our observations to the discussion board on the school portal. Too bad it’s locked down or I’d post a link. I don’t have the fear of public web spaces others do. I quite like them. But I was wondering how to set it up – blog? wiki? confused! problem solved.

And I ask YOU: What maths did you encounter over your festive season? From the mundane exchange rates and does my money go further here , or just how long will this toaster in my holiday digs take to make perfect toast – here’s a cool chart:

via ilovecharts (who doesn’t?)

Were you lucky enough to check out the Statue of David? So much maths!

And the burning mathematical question just how much does one hippo on average poo into rivers each day? They stink! Poo to water ratio would be interesting too.

Hippos doing their “aren’t I just so cool” thing.

Last but certainly not least is the Twiga flow chart. Twiga is Swahili for Giraffe. The lives of some African animals are quite simple. This started with crocs, but giraffes have such an appeal. Below is the simple flow chart scribbled in the back of a landrover by my now chart hero.

Simplistic life of African Animals
Twigas – are they hungry? no, not moving

and then upon his return home made this – click on the link – it’s great!