Been Busy Elsewhere

Our class blog for grade 8 mathematics
It’s been quite a while since I blogged and I feel guilty about the work I am not doing right now. The pace of the year has not lessened, feels busier than ever before. I may not have blogged here, but I’ve been setting up the class blog. Yesterday it was unveiled to the students with three posts and some pages ready for them to read and comment on. Most commented on MangaHigh because they love it.

For them to enjoy I posted their poems on wallwisher and there is a page on TEDtalks. TED is new to most of the students and many of their parents. Homework from time to time will be to watch these and do so with their parents.

Tomorrow I will attempt the music lesson. I’ve never read a note let alone written or played any music properly. Banged on a few drums, was passed the triangle. My voice is nothing to write home about either. Mathematics is a key player in composition and making it all sound so pleasing. I figured it would make sense to look at it when we are covering fractions and order of operations. The latest blog for the class blog (for grade eight) has some¬†extra music¬†links for students. Hopefully they will comment on that post. We need to discuss writing comments and replies a little bit more. Most said they don’t ever read blogs.

Little bit nervous about the lesson due to my lack of musical knowledge, but all in all it should be fun and the kids should see how mathematics isn’t just in a textbook. This being one of my main goals of the year, oh, and making the mathematics class fun and inviting. Is this an assessment? No, just a one off lesson with links for kids to pursue the theme if they so wish. The blog being the perfect medium for such things.

Hopefully by the end of the year the kids will be posting and myself and my teaching partner will be only commenting.

And maybe just maybe things will settle down somewhat. I’d like to get back to my blog a bit more often so I can reflect on things.