Me @lissgriffin

I finished my long term teaching job  in Ha Noi in June 2012. I will hopefully be on the move exploring new places for a year.

I did – check out the adventure in

I now work on the island of Phuket in Thailand at a small and wonderful school. I work in a pedagogical wonderland but all opinions on this blog represent only my own.

If you have stumbled upon my blog, I hope you find something useful. I will be online, if you have any questions.

I teach mathematics, but want to do it better, so have jumped on a few edtech bandwagons.

My first blog post – Where it all began

This blog is where I will track the progress of things I am trying in my classroom in an effort to make mathematics accessible and even enjoyable for a middle school student (and now high school students).

What shape this blog will take I do not know. I guess it will grow with me and what I learn as I try new things.


My Delicious bookmarks – some great resources (but a mess)

Check these out:

Algebra on Demand – self paced learning in a public wiki. I hope you use it, let me know if you do.

I Love Charts – addictive and often funny

Information is Beautiful

TED Talks

TED Talks on Mathematics and Science – some nice person posted this list

Project Based Learning

Some links for Project Based Learning

Diigo links tagged with PBL <– there are a few links here

Maths300 an excellent site. If your school will cough up the money you will never want for resources. It’s fabulous stuff.

If you don’t use twitter, join soon and use #mathchat #educhat and #UMfac for other maths teachers who share ideas and discuss interesting ways to do things


3 thoughts on “Me @lissgriffin

  1. Hi,
    My name is Mark Hansen and I’m a teacher in a year 5 class in Hervey Bay, Queensland. I’m very interested in some information regarding student-led Maths investigations. I’m wondering if you have any resources/ideas you may be able to email me on this topic??
    Thanks very, very much in advance,
    Mark hansen 🙂

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