now I am Ajarn Melissa – Teacher Melissa in Thailand

It’s been busy. My school year started with twelve hour days and barely a real weekend. I am not here to grumble, no no. I’m in a pedagogical wonderland this year.  I work in an MYP school that walks the talk with growth mindset and SELM (social emotional learning and mindfulness). My busy days came from within and the chance to make something entirely new. A chance born from starting from scratch, a year away from the classroom (a little rusty) and being inspired by the How to Learn Math course with Jo Boaler. Project and inquiry based, messy, student directed lessons take a lot of planning and a lot of patience. You don’t simply crunch through the procedural mathematics of old school classes. It’s much more rewarding. I’ve neglected this blog, twitter and personal reflection and I’m hoping for some change. Reflection has happened but while I am doing other things with deadlines approaching almost daily. I want more time to read great blogs of mathematical teaching legends that inspire me. You see, the good stuff is out there.  All I did was search for @ddmeyer tweets and now I have so many exciting educators to follow and learn from. I have been maintaining a class blog for the kids and hopefully their parents too. Perhaps some of my colleagues read it from time to time. It’s a dream, it’s a goal. My teaching load is nice, my classes are small. I think I started with too many ideas for all of my classes – grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. Hopefully I will have a few posts about what’s been happening in my classes over the next month or so. For now I have many units and classes to plan. Excited to join in with Estimation 180 from next week, with all of my classes. Now I must figure out how to get zombies and exponentials into three lessons. I’m thinking red pens, dots for zombies in graphic novel/comic like sequences. Then I will get the kids to count the zombie dots and graph them. Kids come up with the parameters before their deadly pens get dotting.

How many zombies can one zombie infect?

they move quite slowly and look kind of easy to avoid to me, if the numbers are small. Perhaps running in zig zags would be a working avoidance plan, like the advice for not getting chomped by a saltwater crocodile.

How many zombies do we start with?

How many people are nearby? Is this a school problem or Phuket or Thailand or…

Kids can come up with the questions, I’m just trying to get ready.


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