New Job – New Country – New Ideas

This is a very brief post because my to-do list before work starts tomorrow is breathing down my neck.  I now live in Phuket, Thailand and it feels like living in a holiday. A suitable transition from a year off methinks.

After an amazing year away from the ‘real world’ exploring the other worlds I will be returning to the classroom in one week. It’s exciting and daunting, as it should be. When I started looking at possible jobs back in March in Salta Argentina Thailand wasn’t in the list of countries to consider because we thought visas for both of us would be difficult. Not the case and I am so happy that my school contacted me about an interview. Their philosophy, along with being an IB school, is one of Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). They take the whole child approach in what looks to be a powerful way.

My classes are small, the people I’ve met so far are impressive, the campus is beautiful, students will have laptops, I have my first ever Smart Board (but can’t get at my Onenote files – thanks Microsoft).

As well as reading about Mindfulness and SEL during my break I enrolled in the fantastic How To Learn Math course through the free Stanford MOOC run by Jo Boaler. Its focus is about putting the “colour” back into the Mathematics classroom and growth mindset. That these two areas have massive crossovers is a lucky coincidence for me as I start my new job. My good friend and colleague of my previous school Rob DeAbreu pointed me towards it.


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