Pythagoras – “a model MYP student”

ythagoras would have been a model MYP student, as there are so many Learner Profiles and Approaches to Learning that you can link him to.

Math-ilde 8BD, UNIS, Ha Noi


What a great success that project was. The kids enjoyed finding out about the man himself, that he wasn’t just a guy into something called the hypotenuse. There was so much more to Pythagoras and our Grade 8 kids know it.

If you teach MYP, then it’s a really great way to discuss the IB Learner Profile. I grabbed a quote from one of my students for the yearbook, alongside the likes of Pythagoras, Andrew Wiles and other notables.

This particular student has improved greatly this year in her reasoning and investigating, but most importantly in her enjoyment of mathematics. Her name was Mathilde, but her father has decided she is Math-ilde. This is, of course, mortifying when he uses it in notes and comments on assessments. It tickles me, so I tried to sneak it in to her report. We shall see.

It’s also a project where I don’t like to tell them what the AoI is. One of the things they discuss is which AoI(s) they think are relevant.

If you aren’t an MYPer, then basically we are asking what characteristics did Pythagoras embody and how does all of this relate to today’s world as a student and just to the way things are. How did he push the development of mathematics and world around us. How do we still do that? TEDtalks are another great way to open kids’ eyes to cool mathematics and pushing the envelope.

A few weeks on and kids still refer to him, Pythagoras, and mathematical challenges with prizes attached.  They used their knowledge of Pythagoras and his theorem for our poetry in mathematics lesson.


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